Why we are still asking you to wear a mask in our clinics...

At all of our sites we are still asking everyone who attends to wear a face mask. Please bring one from home or we should be able to provide you with one if you happen to forget.

We are asking you to wear a mask because COVID is still very much present in our community. In our clinics and our waiting rooms you will find a full spectrum of our community, many of whom may be obviously unwell, but others who have hidden illnesses who could be severely impacted by contraction of COVID. Even if you and they don’t have symptoms, if someone is infected with COVID they could be spreading asymptomatically.

Our doctors and staff will not be able to attend the practice if they contract COVID for a 7 day period to ensure that they are able to completely recover and to ensure that our patients and staff are protected from any viral shedding.

By wearing a mask you are protecting yourself, our doctors, our staff and the other patients in our clinic.

Thank you for your continued support.